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Monday, February 21, 2011

Educational Games on your iPod, iPhone, and iPad from PunFlay!

I had the opportunity to review a few great apps on my iPod Touch from PunFlay! Andrew has been really interested in playing with the iPod lately, so – Having a few good and educational games is really nice!

I tried three programs. Measurement, Algebra, and Who Will Rule. 

measurement_math Measurement has five separate games inside that are all measure related.  Crazy Clock is a time game; Scale Tale is a weight game; Fill me up is a volume measurement game; Long and Short is a length game; and Action Months is a letter game.


alzebraAlgebra also has five games inside that are pattern/math related.   Pizza Mania is a sorting game; Tummy Time is more of a hand-eye coordination game; Space Rock is an object sequence game; Number Strike is a number sequence game;Sound Sequence shows is a musical sequence game!Algebra

who-will-rule  The Book - ‘Who Will Rule’ is a fun story that is interactive with animal noises and moving objects as well!  My son loves the book and loves touching all the animals to see what they will do! There are 5 choices of voices or you can record your own voice – and there is also 4 language options for the book! February 2011 154All three programs have bright fun colors and captivating sounds!  As soon as I opened the first app, Andrew came running to see what I was doing! The games are targeted at a higher age range than Andrew (he is 2), but he still enjoys playing with them, even if he is just guessing at the correct answer.  I’m guessing the games would be perfect around 3-4 year olds and up.  But regardless, I’d rather have him learning about lighter vs. heavier and shorter vs. longer than playing a silly game with no purpose!  So he has fun, and learns at the same time :)

All three of these programs can be found in the iTunes store or you can read more about them on www.punflay.com

*I was provided the games for review and play purposes.  My opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm going to check these out for iPhone and iPad.

  2. Looks like fun, going to check out the iPad one!

  3. I think these are so cute and fun!

  4. I'll have to check these out, my daughters are constantly high-jacking my Iphone!

  5. Those look fun even for adults. Wishing I had an IPhone now!


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