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Sunday, February 20, 2011


So last week we had quite the warm-up, which was really great for moving purposes. We were able to move without freezing our hands and ears off!  But then this weekend – it got COLD again.  Now today – We’ve got TONS of snow. 

I have shoveled twice today. And then Joe did a big shoveling after he got home. I shoveled about 2” the first time, then 3-4” the second time, and Joe just shoveled 5-6”.  We’re still predicted to get another 2-3” overnight, and another 2-3” tomorrow morning.  That’s a lot of snow. (Ok, maybe not as much as we had in December, but I didn’t have to shovel then. I lived in a condo :Þ)

Because of our move we had my mom’s truck here at the house still, but my mom has not had a puny little car for so long, we figured we should probably get her macho truck back to her so she can get to work safe tomorrow morning.  Joe went to do that.

I was doing dishes, when out my window, I see Joe going about… 5mph down the road.  He then got out – and pushed the car the rest of the way home.  It was faster that way.

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  1. oh my goodness! I would cry if it got cold and snowed right now!

  2. We got dumped on as well for a change! It really does look like an Alaskan winter now. For awhile, everyone else was getting our cold and snowy weather but us, lol.

  3. That my friend is a GOOD man. A modern day - full blooded man! Good for you that your husband is so dedicated to making his family safe by digging out of the snow...and his MIL safe by getting her a truck back. I say he's a keeper. :) I have a hubby like that too. They are amazing!

  4. That's a lot of snow! Fortunately spring is right around the corner!


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