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Friday, April 8, 2011

Time to Break out the Stroller–it’s Getting Warm Outside!

I love that we’re getting warm weather finally!  It’s so great to be able to go outside and play!! This was the #1 thing besides house space that we were looking forward to when buying a new house vs. living in the condo.  Now we’ve got sun shining through our windows and the cool breeze is everywhere – Its my favorite time of the year for talking a stroll!!
My husband loves to rollerblade, and was looking at jogging strollers with the idea that he could rollerblade with the kids too!  We always get so excited about the summer fun possibilities! Andrew got some rollerblades for Christmas, so I’m sure he’s going to want to go with dad some time.  I have some too – I just haven’t been on them since… 5 years ago??  I don’t know.. I’d maybe need to push the stroller for extra balance for myself!!IMG_4847A friend of ours was able to give us their (non-jogging) double stroller – which has been such a blessing!  It has made life so much easier for going on long walks with both kids.  Andrew is starting to want to go biking or most the time walk on his own, so I’ve been putting Ethan in the single stroller sometimes. But for longer walks, I bring the double stroller just in case Andrew needs a rest.
Has anyone out there tried the bob stroller? They look super nice! The question would be if I would want a one person or two –  We’re not sure about any more kids yet.. so that choice might have to wait. :)

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  1. I sure am glad the weather is finally warming up - Spring has been a long time in coming to our part of the country!


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