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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Happy Handle Bar!

Have you seen those stories about the amount of germs on a shopping cart handle bar?? Yuck, right?  All too often too, when my son was a little younger – I would find him chewing on the handle bar!! I’d have to stop him each time.. then I started bringing some form of toy that was safe for Andrew to chew on while we were at the grocery store. imageNow we have Ethan who is five months old and before too long will be sitting in the shopping cart also – meaning we’re going to have to go through those stages all over again.

I saw this cute handle bar cover, and I liked it right away.. because it’s not like carrying a bed into the store for your kids to sit in the cart all protected, but rather it is just a smaller cover for the handle bars alone.  It fits into a pretty average sized purse – not a tiny purse, but you don’t need a luggage bag or anything.image

imageI love that it has a stretchy piece for sippy cups and a clip to attach the toys to. Keeps the kids busy and the toys off the floor.

imageMy personal favorite part is the pockets to put stuff in.  I’m always fussing around with my coupons in the store (being a double coupon days shopper, it’s rather important to be somewhat organized!) and now I have two pockets that I can use to store the coupons in while shopping.

The Happy Handle Bar is machine washable.  It is available in several different fabrics and fits most shopping carts. If you visit www.buyhappyhandlebarcover.com you can see their video and order it for $19.99!

*I was given product for review purposes. My opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Hey! I just found your blog! I do product reviews myself. I saw this post and I was going to contact them -- I can't find their e-mail. Can you please help me? This would be awesome for my son and for the reviews process!!


    Also.. if you'd like to exchange links/banners I'd be willing!


    I see your friends with 'were on the fence!' too!


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