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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer Review

Tiny Love is a great brand that you’ve probably heard of if you have children.  They’re known for their awesome infant developmental toys.  They have taken the leap and started making baby gear as well, which is absolutely wonderful!  I had the chance to review the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer. 
New Tiny Love logoTiny Love combined their multi-award-winning line of Gymini activity mats with the bouncer – and created the best bouncer I have seen and used to date.  And I’ve used a few..
When our first son was an infant and we were searching for the   reclined seat/bouncer – we decided to go with what we thought was a multi-functional chair.  The one that combines the rocker and the recliner together.  Andrew wasn’t able to reach the toys in his   reclining rocker until he was almost a year old.  He finally started loving his rocker chair when he was about 18 months old – but he was too old for the toys by then.feb-march 013 When Andrew was about 3 months old, I searched a local 2nd hand store for another ‘bouncer’ type seat that was inexpensive ($6) but a little more functional.  We used this for the rest of Andrew’s infancy – but he quickly grew too large for this chair.  It had a bar that you would put across the middle to dangle toys with chain links. Most of the time we just never had the bar attached to the seat, because to get Andrew in and out we’d have to take the bar off, which was a huge pain.
So when Ethan was born – I knew I wanted a new seat.  So I went back to the 2nd hand store – and bought Ethan a nice little bouncer seat.  It held him nicely – he could reach the toys, and it was only slightly annoying (but fairly easy) to take the toy section off every time I wanted access to him, or just to look at him.  It functioned well, and it was a MUCH greater alternative to the other two chairs that we already had. <but man this thing sucks batteries like Andrew sucks down chocolate milk!!>January 2011 034But when I got my pretty little hands on this Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer. I instantly fell in love.February 2011 265They have arches that go parallel along with the seat – and they’re MOVEABLE! I never have to attach or un-attach anything! just push them, and they’re wherever you want them to be! I love that in a quick instant I can grab Ethan out of the chair, even if he’s playing with the toys.February 2011 281There are three loops on each arch to dangle toys from, which all can be used at different stages of baby’s life depending on how active he is in grabbing toys.  The seat also reclines with an easy push of two buttons to a laying position, which Ethan loved for the first few days of using it. He is now getting better at sitting up, and likes to be a little more upright now. Gymini_bouncer_A05The little crab that came with the bouncer is so awesome. We take this crab everywhere with us!  It clips on (like a crab would!) to the car seat, to the stroller, and to the bar(s) of the bouncer.  I love the music that it plays.  But what I love even more than the music – is the fact that with the push of one little button, you can instantly mute the music – but he is still totally entertained by the lights!February 2011 256I also love that the bouncer vibrates with the use of only a few batteries (unlike the last bouncer I owned took 4 D batteries and died every few days).  My 2 year old has an obsession with turning the vibration on – whether we’re using it or not.  It runs most of the day, most days – and we have not had to change the batteries yet.February 2011 262Ethan is a very happy baby, and loves to squirm and wiggle when     he’s playing. I love that when he wiggles his feet it makes the seat bounce a little. He seems to enjoy the seat bouncing lightly as well :)February 2011 260Overall – this is the best bouncy seat I have ever used.  If I could change just one thing about it, it would be the colors of the fabric. Don’t get me wrong; the fabric is super soft and cute - it just doesn’t match my living room (most toys don’t!) I would absolutely hands-down recommend this bouncy seat over any of the other seats I have seen or used. 
The Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer can be purchased at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon.com, and many other online and specialty retailers nationwide.  The suggested retail value is $49.99.
To learn more about the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer and more great Tiny Love products, visit their website at http://www.TinyLove.com
*This product review is 100% my own and others opinions may vary. I was given product to review in exchange for sharing my opinions.



  1. SWEET! Off to check it out now :)

  2. My little ones are all too big for this but your little one is ADORABLE! Look at that hair!

  3. I need to find one and bring it to our church nursery, I'm the co-ordinator of it and get to find the fun stuff to buy!
    We always have more little ones than we do hands to hold them, so this would be perfect.

  4. Oh what a cutie pie you have there! That bouncer is awesome :)

  5. What a great bouncer, and the pictures of him smiling are too cute!

  6. This looks great and your little man is adorable!

  7. How cute! It looks like Ethan is loving it!


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