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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something Personal

So I haven’t written a personal post in a while!  What a crazy few weeks my life has been.  Hmm. The whole family had colds for a good week and a half or so, bouncing from one to the next.  That wasn’t any fun – I stayed Semi-Healthy, however often felt run-down and tired.  I could have slept all day if someone would have taken the kids! I found myself in bed by 9pm most nights. So.Not.Me.
Then we had a few days of really nice warm weather (like 50’s, haha) followed by an ice storm and several inches of snow that was impossible to shovel, and remains in our driveway.  That was really a big bummer because we finally were able to see what our new yard looks like – and spent some time playing outside, which was amazing. Then we got rain, then ice, then snow.  Ugh.
Then, if you read the barber foods post – my dishwasher broke. So I feel like I’ve been doing dishes constantly.  I really wasn’t doing them too terribly much, its just that I could spend a good amount of time doing dishes, and there was always more to wash.  My sink was never empty.  That really stresses me out when I feel like I’ll never catch up.  The new dishwasher was delivered this past Saturday, and my husband got it installed pretty quickly because he rocks.
Friday night I had some friends over for a ‘girls night’ type game – which you’ll see the review of next week some time. We had a ton of fun!  The ‘boys’ took the kids, and went to Home Depot to get a few things for the house.  Then they decided that they needed a ‘boys night’ and would do that on Saturday.  Both myself and our friends had other plans for Saturday night, but we figured that after Friday night, they probably really deserved a night out by themselves too :)  I did make a big dinner for all of us and another friend that was joining in on the boys night.  They ended up staying the night on Saturday because the kids were sound asleep already and it was 2am when the boys got home. 
Then today Joe and I spent a lot of time cleaning, organizing, and playing with the kids.  Not exactly relaxing – but we had to catch up after having two extra adults and two extra kids in the house for two nights and a morning!
So although we did have a great weekend, I am very eager for Monday to come so we can get back to a more relaxed routine. 
I’m going to try and keep up with personal posts a little better.  I was doing so well before, but I got off track when we got sick.   I enjoy writing them, and I enjoy sharing my crazy life :)


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