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Monday, March 28, 2011

Snickey Review

We had great weather here for almost a whole week.  By great – I mean, sunny and 40-50’s.  Just enough for the majority of the snow to melt, and to get our behinds outside to play!
Unfortunately. That week…. ended.  It turned a bit colder, and cloudy.  Then rain… which then turned to ice… and finally snow.   So back to dressing up to go outside to play. 3snickeysI was happy that we did get a chance to try out our new Snickey though!  (It’s not a scarf… it’s not a Dickey.. It’s a Snickey!) We had received it pretty much the first day of nice weather we had and I was afraid it was going to be too late to get the real effects of how nice it is!DSC07885The Snickey is a fleece wrap for your neck.  Like a scarf, it keeps your neck warm; but there is no dangling or wrapping of the scarf.  No worries about your kids getting caught up on a scarf and getting injured.  The Snickey has a small velcro tab to hold it in place – which also releases with ease. 
Simply put – you wrap the Snickey around your neck, and you’re warm! The enclosure is at the top, so the bottom half of the Snickey can flare over your shoulders a little and not feel like too much material in one place.  DSC07886The Snickey is great for kids who don’t want to be bulky and worry about scarves; but want to stay warm.  It is also good for fall days; sports; and it looks quite nice with a jacket layered over it as if you were wearing a scarf :) And don't forget it's great for adults too! They come in all sizes!name1a_sm
Andrew doesn’t even realize that he’s wearing something extra, but I’m sure he appreciates that warmth in the neck area!
Check out the video of how the Snickey works here.  You can also order the Snickey at http://www.mysnickey.com.  There are three sizes and several colors. They can also be personalized with machine embroidered names or monograms, and would make a great gift!
*This review is 100% my own and others opinions may vary. I was given product to review in exchange for sharing my opinions.

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  1. It definitely looks like Andrew is enjoying his Snickey!


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