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Friday, March 25, 2011

Smart Shoppers look for Promo Codes and Coupons

I’d like to consider myself a smart shopper.  I rarely go to the store and just buy something without first going online to see the reviews for the item, and then secondly trying to find the best price. Finding a bargain is my specialty.

Earlier this week I was searching for a balance bike for my son, and was reading all the reviews that I could soak in.  I had finally decided on a particular model of bike, and then proceeded to try and find the best price.  I wanted to see if there was any place that had free coupons or free shipping at least (because they were sold out of the bike in the stores near us) and so I went to google.  What a bunch of confusion! I went to several promo and coupon code sites that mentioned the bike I wanted, but then had no promo codes for anything even slightly related.

I then remembered seeing a blogger who had recently posted a review for PromotionCode.org and how nice it was without crazy Ad’s all over the place, and how easy it was to navigate for her.


So I went there. It is so easy – the search bar gives you direct results – and the ads are definitely not obnoxious like many other coupon sites available.  Another great feature is that you can even submit your own codes that are working for you to share with others who might be looking for the same code.

I found out that they did not have any particular discount geared at the bike I was looking for, but they did have a coupon code for free shipping from Toys R Us. Awesome! Now today I see that the bike has a promo code for free shipping plus a donation to MOPS every time someone uses the code – so I was quick to go submit this code to them.

So I would recommend that the next time you’re being smart with your purchases, to visit www.promotioncode.org to find the best deals!

*this is a sponsored post but in no way influences my opinion on the topic.


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