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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Date Nights Rock!

So last night we had a babysitter come (or, well some friends of ours volunteered to babysit) and we went out! Our last date night that we had planned was before Ethan was born. So it was well overdue.

Joe and I had plans to go out to eat and then to the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show.  We still had a gift card from Christmas to go to the Melting Pot (My Favorite restaurant!) so we went there!

Dinner ended up taking almost two hours – so we didn’t leave the melting pot until 8pm – and the Home and Garden Show ended at 9pm, so we decided that we’d just go later this weekend and bring the kids with us.

It’s so funny, because when we’re out without the kids – we have no idea what to do!  Both Joe and I were trying to think about what we could do after we ate dinner that would be fun.  We’re so boring now days that we can’t even think of what’s available!

We went to Borders because they’ve had the we’re closing signs up for a few weeks now, and thought by now the books should be pretty heavily discounted.  But they were only 25% off! So we found a few good books for Andrew and then headed home.

It was quite fun to get out!  We’re hoping to soon get a list from our church of the High School girls that are in the area and like to babysit, so we can make this more of a regular thing.


  1. We hardly ever go out on date nights anymore, and we don't need a babysitter since our daughter is old enough to stay home by herself. Funny when we do go out alone, it's usually to the store!

  2. I think we've had two date nights in three years! They are wonderfully refreshing and it's so nice to spend time one-on-one with your spouse!


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