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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine’s Day Deals with Hallmark

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I remember back in elementary school we always decorated a box for our desk so that people could walk around and hand out valentine cards to everyone.  Gosh I miss those days!  I loved going to the store and picking out my favorite box of Valentine cards and then figuring out which card should go to which person from my class… because heaven forbid an ‘i like you’ card went to a boy!!! I didn’t want to give anyone any wrong Ideas! Valentine's_Day_Cards_Personalized_Hallmark
Well Valentine Cards for kids have apparently come a long ways since I was in school!! At Hallmark.com you can upload a photo and your name into your Classroom Valentine’s, and then get them printed! How awesome is that! They’re currently offering a 25% discount on all of these cards by using the promo code CLASS25 ! They even have cute Disney Princesses, Cars, and Peanuts Valentines!
I also see that now through February 14th, they will pay for the stamp on any Valentine’s Greeting cards or baby announcements that you have them address for you! (Which is huge to me! I have a hard time getting those cards out to relatives because I hate addressing them and mailing them..) Hallmark can do that for me – looks like my Grandparents in Arizona will be getting a Valentines day card from us this year after all!  :)
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