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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Terrible’s…

So I said in my WW post that there is a reason I didn’t post any pictures of Andrew!  It’s because I have stories to go along with them, and need some mommy advice..

One of the first stories my mother-in-law ever told me about my husband as a child – explained EVERYTHING I ever needed to know about him.  The story goes somewhat like this summarization:

‘When Joseph was younger, he was playing in the front yard.. I told him not to go into the street or he’ll get in trouble.  He looked at the street, and back at me, and started walking closer to the road. I got really upset at him and told him if he went into the street he would be sorry.  Then he stepped one toe onto the street, and glared back at me to see what I was going to do.’

This… PERFECTLY describes everything my husband is about.  He will do anything to get as CLOSE to the border of getting into trouble as he can. according to him ‘rules are meant for breaking… or at least testing'.  Drives me BonkerS!

Our new house’s carpet, is White. ok, not white, but REALLY light cream carpet.  So we’ve been trying to re-teach Andrew that eating and drinking only happens in the kitchen/dining room where there is no carpet.

So the other day, Andrew was walking with his glass of grape juice, and almost walked out to the carpet, but I said ‘eh! eh! eh!’ (which is usually the sound I make when I can’t find the words but need to get a fast reaction!) and he stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me and then dad - realizing that we didn’t want him to go onto the carpet.   He stood making a funny face (his thinking face..) and then proceeded to slowly stick his ONE foot… onto the carpet…

I laughed.

I’m sure this wasn’t the response I was supposed to give. But it just made me laugh knowing that Andrew is going to be as impossible as his daddy.. isn’t he? <And then I took a picture, of course>

February 2011 192

How SHOULD I react to this?? I do not want him to think walking on the border is the best way to go…


  1. LOL, I'mlaughing with you.
    I am followng you GFC with Type A Thursdays

  2. I think this is a normal kid phase, I think it depends on the situation as to how I react to pushing the limit. I would probably chuckle at the carpet then shoo him back. However the example of your hubby and the street, that would equal a consequence in my book. Probably not right since its sort of inconsistent but I take things that have to do with safety more seriously! Plus sometimes, my personal, not expert opinion is that it's ok to keep them guessing. Consistency is important in a lot of way but sometimes I think its ok for them to now that some things to have some sway to them.

  3. They will push to test their limits. Be firm and consistent.

  4. I'm all about tough love - me --> I would take the cup away if my child over stepped on to the carpet - That are all they'd get in the cup is water LOL

  5. Consistency is the key, even when it's tough and they are remarkably cute as can be! :)

  6. Blame it on Grandma. I'm sure your mother-in-law probably told your husband "I hope you have 10 just like you" while he was growing up.

  7. LOL such a cute pic! My son is the same way! He loves to test me to see if I am serious about what I mean. My hubby is just like him! We can blame the men on this one!

  8. Too cute! But consistency is the key (or at least it's suppose to be!) My 2 yr old does the same thing to try to test us all the time. I love your blog, super cute, I really like the heading too!

    I'm a new follower from the Type A Thursday blog hop 8)

    Lovin Life


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