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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oscar Party Ideas from The Popcorn Factory!

Unlike the tumultuous relationships of Hollywood, the timeless pairing of movies and popcorn will last forever.  In honor of the Oscars, America’s “popcorn authority,” The Popcorn Factory and Celebrations.com expert, Coryanne Ettiene, have a few tips on how your readers can host an award-winning soiree on Feb. 27. 

  • Play Dress-Up: Everybody has a fancy outfit, worn one special night and then tucked away in the closet forever.  Put these festive frocks to use by inviting your guests to dress-up for your Oscar viewing party. 
  • Paparazzi: Make hilarious lasting memories by appointing someone as the “paparazzi” to snap photos, and then invite your guests to play fashion police and choose the best and worst dressed guests.
  • Movie Themed Centerpieces: “Awards Night” party pack* or The Gold Stars & Swirls Popcorn* arrangement from The Popcorn Factory.  The “Awards Night” party pack and "Oscar Gold" tins serve as themed décor AND delicious snacks for your guests! 

            TPFAwardsNightBox TPF_GoldStarsSwirls

    • DISCOUNT CODE: You can use code MOVIE for $10 off $50 at ThePopcornfactory.com (expires 3/31/11)
  • Serve the “Red Carpet” in Flutes: Serve “red-carpet” sparkling punch by mixing equal parts of lemon-lime soda, cranberry juice and seltzer water. 
  • Be the Academy: Let your guests pick their own list of winners, reward the person who best picks the talent and ask them to do an acceptance speech when receiving their prize.

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  1. How fun - I love doing 'themed' parties and popcorn is one of my very favorite foods to eat!

  2. those are cute ideas. i have never been much of an awards show person but now that i'm on twitter i seem to get drawn in to them.

  3. My husband's #1 snack of choice is popcorn. Ever since he was a little kid, he's been a big popcorn lover. Can't wait to see your upcoming review and giveaway! Thanks for the party tips! :)


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