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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Crazy Life

What a WEEK! I can sum it up.
We're moving (In a week)...
We're selling our condo, but in the process of changing our Realtor for an AWESOME one :)
We were supposed to have a showing this week, but it got canceled by the old Realtor at the last minute, meaning I spent an entire morning stacking/rearranging/organizing our boxes/misc. stuff neatly so it didn't look so chaotic here... but no showing actually happened. just a lot of wasted effort.
Paperwork for underwriting - enough said.
I've had a small medical issue that required a CT scan, and now I'm pumping and dumping (yes I decided NOT to give up nursing, yet.)
Have I mentioned on here my feelings about for my pump?? It chants... 'Let it Go, Let it Go' as you're pumping. either that or it's saying 'What a Ho'... but I'd like to imagine its talking to my breasts, and coaxing them to let the milk go.
I've had a larger issue with my Stupid foot - I could not walk (or move my foot [much] AT ALL today without EXTREME pain due to an injection I received in my foot yesterday...
I took an SEO ‘Class’ which added to my to-do list for my blog, but I’ve figured out a few really great things!
Because of all the unexpected medical stuff and "showing" on our house , I'm a day behind in my posts - But I will make up for it on Sunday :)
The awesome part??? I've got a massage scheduled for tomorrow! That should help my stress level :)
Oh yeah, I had several contests end this week, I will post the winners in a separate post.
Your consolation prize for reading my drama??  This Adorable Picture of Ethan Playing on the floor today!
February 2011 030


  1. Gosh, you deserve every second of your massage tomorrow! What a stressful week.
    I can totally relate on the house thing. Ours is on the market and I am so tired of cleaning it for people who don't show up when the realtor makes an appt. So annoying.
    Hope your weekend and next week is better!
    PS cute picture of the baby!

  2. Good luck on selling your condo!

    I love that your pump changes "Let it Go, Let it go!"

    Too funny!

  3. Ethan is adorable!!!! Hope everything turns out well with your medical issue. I hate when you're moving and have to show your house!

    Enjoy your massage you deserve it!


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