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Monday, February 28, 2011

“Linen” Closet.…

Most of my regular readers know that we just moved into a house.  It’s been a long ways coming, and we LOVE it.
Because life is busy, we’ve basically just been unpacking boxes as needed now..  SO the other day I emptied another box.  Towels.  I washed them all in my NEW –HUGE- washer and dryer! (Can you tell i’m excited about 5.2 cubic feet of washing power?! or maybe that we’ve not had our own washer and dryer for more than 5 years..)
 February 2011 283February 2011 284 
Anyway, Then I folded them, and went to put them away… to find this! February 2011 114
(Andrew was hiding in the linen closet after I went to get the camera) but: Joe had every shelf covered with tools of some sort on it!!!  Seriously?  Did you think we were just going to keep the towels in the box forever and you get our linen closet as your personal tool box?? He cracks me up so much!
Even the top shelf has instruction manuals and his helicopter. SO while I had my huge stack of clean towels in hand, I had to set them down, and re-organize his shelves to ONE shelf.  Now I can’t unpack the box with our other linens in it until he finds a new home for his tools.February 2011 286 ugh. My husband...*shakes head*  So rugged and handsome, but yet… a liiiiittle selfish ;)


  1. Can you imagine what your house would look like if your husband unpacked everything?!

  2. you're nicer than i am. i'd have found a box and dumped the tools in and left them for him to rehome!!

  3. I would totally be excited too! Yay for a new set of washer and dryer! I haven't ever owned a brand new washer or dryer yet. Hoping to upgrade to a front loader soon though. :)


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