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Friday, February 4, 2011

Life with No Regrets

Thinking through my life, I am having a hard time putting my finger on what I have not done in my life that I have WANTED to do.  Ok, ok – I have not traveled the world, I have not climbed a mountain, or had my five minutes of fame: but those aren’t things that REALLY matter to me.  I will go on, living my life, without those things – and be perfectly fine. So I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something that I have Truly wanted to do in my life, that I have not done yet. 
I can also go on to think about all the things that I have not done in my life because… I don't want to do them: Skydiving (yikes!), eating exotic foods, scuba diving (I’m crazy scared of fish), and pretty much most things that you would see on Fear Factor. 
So getting back to something that I have truly wanted to do in my life, but just haven’t done yet, would definitely have to revolve around my family.  So I thought about something that I would regret not doing if I was to die today.  Bear with me.

wedding 004aBefore we had kids, my husband and I went on many more dates.  We always tried to do something new together: something engaging and fun.  He had been trying to get me to go golfing with him for some time but the only kind of golfing I had ever done was Mini-Golf.  So we decided that we were going to go to a golf course driving range to practice our swing, so that on our next date, I would know how to hit the ball.  First, my husband gave me a quick lesson on how to hold the club, and showed me what it looked like to swing.  Then I stood next to him so I could imitate his moves.  This is where it all went wrong.  He did his back-swing, and hit me real good right on the top of my head.  I immediately hollered ‘You Dork!!’ and right then decided that I was going to be a good sport for him and keep playing even though it hurt really bad. This was his dream date with me for quite some time, so we went on, in separate lanes.  A minute or two later, (making sure he wasn’t looking) I put my hand up on my head to ‘comfort’ the pain – but my hand was soaking wet.  I was bleeding!  SO. We gave our balls to another guy on the driving range, and left.  I was crying – halfway because I was sad that I wasn’t able to be a good sport any more, and the other half – because I was worried that I was going to have to get my precious hair shaved in order to get stitches…
I have not been a good sport about trying golf again.  Even though we NOW KNOW that we’re not supposed to stand next to each other, and I would highly doubt that my head would ever get hit with a 9 iron again.  So One thing I haven’t done in my life, and would regret not doing – and would still love to do – is go golfing with my husband.
You might be wondering why I am writing this story.  Well – Although I’d love to say that I decided randomly to tell a funny, yet touching story about my husband and I with our golfing mis-haps: Its really because I’d love to win this trip to Miami with The Divine Miss mommy and Proctor and Gamble to the ‘Have You Tried This Yet?’ Event! They will be featuring many P&G Products, and I’m assuming given the title, having people try them or showing them how they work!  The product I’m most excited about trying would be the Pantene ‘smooth into the second day’ formula.  I used to use Pantene growing up and through college, but then got sucked in somehow to some fancy-pants brands of shampoo/conditioner, and I just have not tried any of the new Pantene products again – I wonder if my hair stylist would even notice the difference?! (I could essentially save myself tons of money by going to this event… so I should win!)


  1. You should win! I would vote for you!

  2. did you have to get stiches? Man that would be awful. You were a good sport, better than I would have been. I would have cried right away. OUCH.

  3. Nope, no stitches (I probably should have gotten them because it took a few months before the bleeding actually quit 100% and I have a huge bump there still)
    I was too afraid to get my head shaved, so I didn't go to the hospital... lol!
    My precious head of hair!! ahhh!!

  4. Ouch that must of hurt! I am glad you are okay :) Good luck with the contest!

  5. My husband begged me for years to go golfing with him, so I finally gave in. Five minutes into it, I went to swing and the club flew out of my hand and nearly hit the old man next to us. We were both mortified. He will not be asking me to go again...haha!

  6. I'm not a golfer, I actually loathe it. I've been a couple of times, and I just don't like it. (Mini-golfing though is a different thing, I love mini-golfing).

    One thing I'd love to do before any of us are not able to anymore is go to Hawaii with my family.


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