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Monday, December 13, 2010


Well, being on the blog hop for the few hours this afternoon nap time has inspired me to get a little more personal with everyone :)
I really have liked many of the blogs I visited.. In fact - I had initially intended on going to as many blogs as I could as fast as I could, commenting on them all - But what I found had happened, is I got SUCKED in by some of them :) I love the way that so many people are writing the way they talk! Thats actually what I do, more or less.  I tend to type faster than I can even think - but because I am trying to fill this 'niche' of blogging, I am avoiding having random family posts :\  I really like random family posts! As I'm moving around the house all day, I'm thinking about all the wonderful things I could blog about - but when it comes time to sit at the computer, I am over-analyzing myself, and therefore end up not saying what I mean to say!

So. Inspiration begins here:  I'd like to give my readers a chance to know about me and my family!

I will start by posting a random 25 facts about myself that I did 2 years ago when my first child was just an infant! I am doing this, because I have at least another 25 facts that I could give you - but this is a pretty good overview of me to start with, then the rest of the facts can continue from there!

25 Random Facts... (written 2 years ago.)
1. I grew up in an apartment building in Coon Rapids, MN that had an awesome playground in the back, as well as some woods and the river. We made MANY forts in the woods!!

2. When I was about 10 years old, I lived next to Anoka Ramsey Community College, and I would go there with my friend Rachel, and we would sit with notebooks by the stairs, and pretend that we were cool college students doing our homework. (I'm sure we tricked everyone!)

3. I have Never smoked anything, or done any illegal drugs in my life. Although I was banned from many of my friends in these apartment buildings because they said that I gave them cigarettes... I was in Iowa when everyone else started smoking, and it was my brother who gave them our moms cigarettes. I'm positive that I would have said no even if I wasn't in Iowa at the time.

4. My mom and dad have been divorced since I was about 3 years old. I hadn't spoke to my dad since I was 15 years old - until this past summer when he contacted me. He lives in Colorado now.

5. At age 14, I was mad at my mom, and told her that I wanted to live with my dad (he lived in Iowa with his 3rd or 4th(?) wife at the time). I went there with my brother, got a sore throat and my period - and came home.

6. My mom dated a bank robber! We never knew that he robbed banks until he was caught *he said he was a lawyer* - but he bought us a whole bunch of cool stuff! My brother and I had our own nintendo systems with TONS of games. He just got out of jail about a year ago! and I still watch the 13" television he bought me.

7. We moved to Plymouth, MN when I was in 6th grade. I started 6th grade in a Middle School, and then went back to Elementary School - it was very demeaning.

8. I started going online to chat on a program called 'mIRC' when I was in 8th grade. My brothers girlfriends younger sister introduced me to it. I spent countless hours of my life chatting with random strangers starting on my 9.6kb/s external modem and charge-by-the-minute dial-up connection - all the way until the end of my first year of college, when I finally gave it up. This is why I type so fast. *I tend to type faster than I think sometimes...*

9. I started playing the violin in 5th grade. My mom made me, and I wasn't so bad - for my level. When we moved to Plymouth - I started Orchestra, but the kids there started playing in Kindergarten, and I SUCKED compared to them. I played a concert where I stood up with the fourth graders - which was also very demeaning.

10. I started playing the flute in 6th grade - But of course, the Wayzata districts start in 5th grade. So, I took private lessons, and excelled in my flute playing skills - I was almost always 1st or 2nd chair flute in 7th grade!

11. I played piccolo in High school - just 10th grade. I did not like marching band, and wanted to take some other classes that were only offered that period, so I quit band - which I do regret.

12. I Love my mom a lot, but we could NEVER live together again. Joe and I were going to live at her house for about a month between our apartment lease being up, and our first home closing date. We arrived at her house, and within 10 minutes had a fight and so we lived with this parents for that month.

13. I met Joe in his driveway - he was the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. In Fact - I hated my friend for trying to set ME up with such a handsome man, because I was SURE he would think that I was a dork. he had longer blonde hair - yum :)

14. I MISS his long hair - and every time he grows his hair out a bit because he hasn't had time to get it cut, I try my hardest to convince him to let it grow.

15. I do all the financials and book keeping for Joe and I. He just takes too long when he does it, and I am inpatient!

16. I have a hard time with names of people - and even faces, which makes my job difficult. But, tell me 10 numbers in a Row, and I could probably repeat them the next day without studying or thinking about them.

17.Whenever I go into public places I worry that people are recognizing me as their dental hygienist. But I would not recognize 95% of my patients (unless of course they open their mouths...haha)

18. I have a natural tendancy to be LAZY. BUT. when I put my mind to something; something is going to happen!!

19. I love being a dental hygienist - I just hate working. I'd be a stay-at-home-mom if our finances worked that way. I have tried EVERY POSSIBILITY of financially being able to stay at home. (which has now happened!)

20. Since I was a little girl, I had always had visions of myself as a high school student, college student, having a Job, and even as a married woman - and I had always wanted children, but could never PICTURE it in my head. Therefore, I thought I would never be a mom.

21. I still cant picture myself being a mom - Therefore, I have a terrible fear that Andrew will die sooner than he should. I check on him frequently, and FREAKED out this morning when I realized that he hadn't woken up all night long to eat.

22. I have EXTREME fear of spiders, and moderate fear of bugs in general. It used to be so bad, that I would refuse to put my body into bed until Joe has pulled back all the blankets one by one inspecting them for bugs. The lights would go on numerous times at night to check my crawly legs to see if it was just me, or a bug. Now we just get the exterminator to get our house.

23. This fear came from the time where Joe and I spent the night at his parents house and I woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that something had just crawled across my lips. I woke Joe up - and he said it was my imagination or my hair, and I should ignore it. Then not but a few minutes later - Joe JUMPS out of bed, flipping the light on frantically saying that something crawled on his leg. It was a centipede about 2-3 inches long.... yeah, that crawled across my mouth.. good thing i'm a tooth clencher/grinder and not an open mouth breather!

24. Last summer when Joe was in Florida for work, I found a spider in our house - and I had the condominium manager come up and kill it for me and remove it. I couldn't go to bed until that was done.

25. I didn't like the original comment that I made for #25, So I deleted it! That's a random fact :) It was about how I learned how to cook more.. but I dont feel anywhere near that any more, despite the home made chicken noodle soup I just finished :)  (The more you learn, the more you realize that you don't know very much!)

Well that was fun, I could go on forever!

P.S! Please don't tell me stories about your bugs in other areas!! It just grosses me out! I am quite thankful that we only have the smaller spiders and not exotic bug species like many other states! 


  1. Hey Amy, it's Ainslee from [love,ainslee]. Thank you for the comment. I got the '30 days of blogging' idea from a friend of mine - it is an AWESOME way to get into blogging [feel free to borrow it if you want].

    I love your blog and am definitely going to follow [your children are adorable]

    Love - Ainslee

  2. You have enough material for a fascinating memoir there... write it!
    Stopping by and following your blog from the Meet Me Monday blog hop...
    Have a happy holiday season!

  3. Wow! Love this! I may have to do this myself if you don't mind! lol.

    Hello! I am your your newest follower from a Monday Blog Hop! I would love it if you would follow back at one or all four of my blogs :)


    Have a great week!


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