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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Totally Talented Tuesday - Back to Birth Weight!

Decided that I'm going to play along with the Totally Talented Tuesday posts, as found on Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House's Blog.

Totally Talented Tuesday is meant to show off ALL talent! It can be YOUR talent, your children's talent, your husband's talent, or anyone you know! You can post about ANYTHING from your child's latest drawing to a photograph that you took! Maybe you scrapbook? Show us some pages that you're proud of! Did your baby just learn how to sit up or crawl? Post a picture of your baby's new talent! Did someone master the hula hoop or play baseball? Post some pictures!! Did you cook a great meal? Tell us about it! Maybe you have done an amazing post on your blog that you want everyone to read? Link up with us and play along! 

It took 8 days only, but our little Ethan is back at his Birth Weight, to the DOT!  He left the hospital at 6lbs 5oz, and now is back to 7.0 :) He had his first check up today at the pediatrician. Other than a blocked tear duct that just started acting up last night, he is perfect :)  He didn't need any shots today, but poor Andrew did get his shots :(  Andrew was sick at his 18 month check (and all the extra visits between then and now) which meant he couldn't get his shots - So we did them today!

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  1. YAY for getting back to birth weight! It took Isabella forever and we had to keep going back to appointments.

    What a cutie!!

    Isabella had a blocked tear duct too and we ended up having to put that icky stuff in her eye along with massaging it. It took a few weeks, but it corrected itself.


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