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Monday, November 8, 2010

Nursing Products Review; Boppy Newborn Booster

Boppy Nursing Booster:
I was SUPER excited to see this booster on the Boppy website, and even more excited that they carried in in stock at babies-r-us!  My first son was a TERRIBLE nurser! He rocked his head back and forth over and over again in excitement trying to get latched, but got so frustrated at it. We fought a lot those first few days - It was a constant re-adjusting the height and angle of my boppy and pillows surrounding me to get him into the exact place so that he would latch.  When I got him to latch, it did not matter what position his lips were flared to, or anything - as long as he was getting milk , I was happy (but very sore!).  This [nursing booster] is essentially the angle that I was trying to replicate with regular pillows. So when I saw this online, I *had* to get one for my next sure-to-be-horrible nursing experience.
So getting my new boy placed on me shortly after getting out of the surgery, I was a bit apprehensive. I knew all the right things to do as far as placement (due to many a visit with the lactation consultant with Andrew) but assumed we would have similar difficulties. I had my husband grab all sorts of pillows and my beloved boppy and started proping them up around me. Then I put him on - and he LATCHED!! Ethan is an AMAZING latcher. He just works like all the literature reads and seems to know exactly what and how and where to put his entire body, to be a perfect nurser. I am able to get him latched while walking around the house if I really wanted/needed to. No need for the boppy, no need to sit.
After realizing that Ethan nurses perfectly without much support needed: I have only attempted the use of this angled pillow once, and it seemed to put a kink into our nursing routine.  It was a bit more challenging to get him latched just right with the extra pillow being in the way of my arm and it just seemed to work faster without the pillow.  Not to say that I couldn't eventually love this pillow if I kept trying it, but that it was not necessary in my circumstance with Ethan.
So - While I do see the importance of a product like this, I can not honestly say that it is an *essential* nursing product, but one that every mother should know about the availability of.  I am sure had I seen this product while I was having issues with nursing my first child and looking for solutions I would have bought it right away and I bet it would have solved many a problem for us.

My best recommendation:  Get the product if you're experiencing troubles with latching or if your baby is heavier and hard to hold up without arm fatigue. Also - if your child is having problems with digestion in general: The pillow props the infant at a 30 - 45° angle which may improve digestion and reflux issues!

By all means though - I firmly believe that the Boppy itself is a *must have* for all nursing moms. I do miss it when nursing in public or at a friend/family members house! I also am in love with many of their other products and recommend that  you take a look through their website and see the other amazing products!

These are some of the other products I would highly recommend:
Their total body pillow (Amazing while pregnant, hard to give up after pregnancy!)
I have a boppy tummy time pillow for an infant play time - which I do not see on their website. Its a little 'lily pad' and a much smaller boppy pillow that baby can use to lay on their tummy while being propped up and angled at some toys to keep them entertained! also very nice as my first son hated tummy time!
*I purchased this product on my own for review and entertainment purposes and was not compensated for this review. My opinions are my own and reflect my experience with the product. Others may have a different experience with the product.


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