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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shopping this week

So This week I skipped grocery shopping.  I did such a big grocery shopping trip last week that I had no need to shop this week.  We had a pretty busy week as well, I worked one extra day this week to make up for some patients that were on our long waiting list; and then realized halfway through the week that the office was going to be closed on Friday (meaning I had the day off)!
I did end up keeping Andrew with our babysitter on Friday so I could have the day to get some things done.  I am due to have baby boy #2 in about 4 weeks, and have been having nightmares lately about all the things that I have not done yet. Baby #1 was so much more exciting to get ready for - I spent hour upon hour preparing the room and organizing clothes and supplies.  This time I've assumed I've got things covered pretty well and we'll just 'wing it'.  Although all of our baby clothes were at a friends house - so I had to make a trip to get those.  Then realized how many clothes there are and how its so hard to have them get used if they're all mixed together! So i organized them by sizes - and will be washing them by sizes today to get them ready.
I put all the larger clothes in labeled bags for now.  There are tubs like the one featured in the LR corner of the picture in our storage closet down in the garage that I purchased to separate clothes by sizes.  They just need to be brought upstairs to put the rest of the clothing away! (a job for Hubby!)

I also ordered diapers on Amazon.com.  I find that I get a MUCH better price on Amazon for diapers than I get usually even with coupons.  There are a few exceptions to this:  Walgreens had a deal with their smaller packages of huggies diapers a while ago along with a slew of $3.00/pkg coupons, which made those diapers super cheap.  We lived on those diapers for several months. But being that those deals have been lacking lately- i've ordered from Amazon.  They have sale prices on their diapers; coupled with the "subscribe and save" options; which gives you an extra 30% off and free two day delivery! For Andrews diapers I ended up paying about 19.4 cents per diaper (which is more than I did last time; but still cheaper than target/walmart with coupons). I also ordered a package of Newborn snuggler diapers for about 15.6 cents each.

I'm on the search for a good Nursing tank. I've been looking into the Bravado ones; and just need to get to the store to try it on. There are just so many options - i'm not sure where to begin!  Stay Tuned!


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