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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Busy Busy!

Oh life has been busy!  I'm finishing up my last week of work this week - working extra hours as much as I can tolerate - but my body is certainly ready to be done working.  I have been starting braxton-hicks contractions that are only lasting for a few seconds at a time, but which certainly make for some uncomfortable moments!  I'm up to seeing the Dr weekly now, and have gained THREE pounds this past week. (oops!)
We've had three scheduled "showings" over the past week and a half, which is promising, however.. not a ONE showed up.  All that cleaning, scrubbing and preparing, with such disappointment when I come home to find that there is no business card left and to hear a few days later that the client didn't show up, or canceled at the last minute. I Love that my house has been getting cleaned - but its so much that I don't really want to deal with it any more. I'm tempted to not clean again knowing that the chances of someone coming are pretty slim. But that's not good. The first time I wouldn't clean, would be the one time that someone actually comes, and then comments about how 'cluttered' our home looks.
Meanwhile starting this coming week Joe and I are meeting with Mortgage people, our Real Estate agent and other misc. appointments to get some things in process before this baby shows up! How Exciting :)
To top these last few weeks off - Joe, Andrew and I have all been Sick with colds, and today Andrew has a high fever and is real uncomfortable; but thank God that this cold for me has been really mild. Mostly just sinus ache and a little scratchy throat with slight voice loss; not a draining, need-to-sleep-all-day type of a cold :)

Either way, We've had a few busy weeks and have one more crazy week before it really starts to settle down - But then we're having a baby and the craziness takes on a new shape :)


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