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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stay Up-to-Date with The Collection app and Win an iPad!

This post brought to you by ogilvy. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am never one to watch the news.  The news just saddens me and worries me all the time.  However, I also do not agree with staying completely in the dark about news events.  It is important to know what goes on in the world.  This world is changing so fast and things are happening every day.  I just don't care to hear about Mr. so and so and his wrong doings in a neighboring home town.  I prefer to hear about the news that impacts todays world. 

So typically just before I go to bed at night, I pull up some of the websites that I like to catch up with news - and read the stories that I'm interested in reading - and then get off to bed.  I do think, however, how great it would be to be able to read the news in bed, on say - and iPad... I saw this app called the collection which is available exclusively for the iPad; it is a 'monthly “appazine” exploring globally relevant topics which will excite and challenge top-tier audiences.'  The description on this app sounds amazing: Besides first-class articles, audio, photos and videos, inter-active elements will include panoramic photography, 3D digital animation, creative morphing, rubbing, X-Ray lens and much much more.

Being that the iPad is not in my budget - I look for the contests that are out there to win them. And considering that most of my readers are those who enjoy entering contests; I thought I could share this with you as well! The Collection is also offering the chance to win an iPad through twitter.  You simply have to tweet to enter

I know I'll be tweeting about this at least daily - and you should too! You never know who might win :)

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