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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Spammer…

Hey all, Just up late checking my email, and came across an email from a reader in regards to some spam email they they received. 
Apparently there is a blog spammer on the loose, emailing people asking questions about personal information or trying to get your phone number for some reason?  he/she is using emails from the comments sections of giveaway posts.

She/He has been using the emails:
kathy at:
all of them .com
Please note that I am doing and will do anything I can to stop this from happening further: but meanwhile, please report any emails you receive as ‘spam’ and otherwise block them from sending you any more emails.  Do not engage in any discussions with this person or share personal contact information.
Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I hate when people are so foolish like this and ruin the fun for everyone else.


  1. Yikes I heard about this elsewhere too - I generally don't open any e-mails if I don't recognize the name of the sender.

  2. Thank you SO much for telling people about this - I have had this from your site as well as the same person from another blog as well (using another blogs name) This person is a nut job, I have had oh 6 or 7 e-mails now - crazy!!! and persistant to say the least. My husband is a computer programer and is frustrated because she is using diffrent e-mail addresses, making it hard to track her - he wants to know who it is. Thanks for you post!

  3. That's why I discourage adding your email address to contest entries.


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