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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kaleidoscopes to You {Teleidoscope} Review

kaleidoscopestoyou_2150_10695I have always loved Kaleidoscopes. Even now – its so fun to just sit back and look through at all the amazing designs they make! So when I saw the opportunity to do a review for Kaleidoscopes To You, I was so excited that we would be getting an awesome Kaleidoscope!
But then I was told that I was getting a Teleidoscope! What’s that?!  Maybe I’m weird and un-cultured, but I had never heard of a Teleidoscope before that day! But let me tell you – they are SO awesome!
A Teleidoscope has a marble at the end that instead of showing you whatever is inside of the kaleidoscope moving around – it shows you whatever you point at – in a multiplied abstract type view point. So for instance – This Teleidoscope is looking at the Windows Screen icon -
or at a Campbell’s Soup Can…
These Teleidoscopes are beautifully made and would make a great Easter Gift, Birthday Gift or Fathers Day Gift – or any other day for anyone, really! Who doesn’t love looking through these things?!
The N & J Teleidoscope is 5.5 inches long, and a laminated solid wood.  You can choose between:
 Rosewood, kaleidoscopestoyou_2149_774898994
or Teak with Paduk, and Ebony. kaleidoscopestoyou_2148_19550018
They can also carry an engraved plaque on the front of the stand, which would be perfect to recognize that great employee or father of the year!

We love our Teleidoscope and will have many moments of fun with it around the house :) - The pictures just don't do these justice! They are truely gorgeous!  Andrew is getting the hang of it, and showing it to friends when they come over too :)

This Teleidoscope, along with many other really cool gifts can be purchased at Kaleidoscopestoyou.com at very reasonable prices!
*This product review is 100% my own and others opinions may vary. I was given product to review in exchange for sharing my opinions.


  1. They are definitely a conversation piece!

  2. i love Kaleidoscopes. very cool. never heard of a Teleidoscope


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