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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WebWatcher Review!

WebWatcher: A Great way to monitor your Families Internet, Computer, or Cell Phone Activities.

I am so scared of what kids have become today, and what will become of my children.  I think about these kids today that are doing drugs, having sex, and all sorts of other horrible things by the time they’re 14, and I just about die inside – Praying to God that I will not have those issues with my children.  The terrible thing, is that many parents don’t even realize that their kids are having these issues! I hear so much about cyber-bullying in the news and how horribly it can affect our children. This has to stop, and parents need to get involved. WebWatcher Reviews LogoWebWatcher will monitor computers, laptops, internet, and phone activities for any suspicious activity (whatever it may be that you’re watching for: pornography, sex, drugs, cyber-bullying, internet predators, etc.)

With the help of WebWatcher - You are able to monitor emails sent and received, including webmail; See both sides of instant messages and chats; see all websites visited; all keystrokes typed (Excluding backspace and other misc; non-necessary keystrokes to eliminate junk and see what is really being typed); Word and Excel documents; and Applications being used. It will take screenshots of what is going on in the computer at a given point in time (defined by alert words that you specify, which trigger a screenshot) so you can see the computer monitor as if you were standing right there watching it. You can also enable content filtering, to filter out particular sites or programs which could contain harmful information or images for your family.  keystroke MonitorA really neat part of WebWatcher, is that it can block sites simultaneously.  Using the alert words that you have dictated, WebWatcher scans each web page for those words, and will block the page before the user can view the unwanted content.

WebWatcher is easy to install – Once the software has been installed, you do not have to physically access the computer again in order to see what has been recorded. No software needs to be installed to the computer that you’re monitoring from and the information is not stored on any computer.  All recorded items are stored online so it can be viewed from anywhere at any time online. This is especially great if you’re out and about, working, or out of town.

It may sound horrible to some people that you would want to spy on your kids or spouse instead of relying on the so-called ‘truths’ that they tell, but you will know after a short while whether or not it is necessary to spy.  However, WebWatcher can be great to help protect your children against cyber-bullying and internet predators, so you can catch them before it is too late.  WebWatcher will give you a peace of mind and reassurance of what is actually going on behind the scenes and clue you in to the real issues that need to be discussed. ScreenShot MonitorWebWatcher also has a program for employees, and a great cell phone monitoring plan (currently only for Blackberry, and soon the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile models) that will allow you to monitor both sides of text messages and emails on that phone – from anywhere.

It will be so reassuring to know that you are able to monitor your children’s safety and personal life while not pushing them away by ‘nagging’ them for partial truths.  You will have the opportunity to prepare yourselves to speak to your children about issues that arise by knowing what they’re emailing and chatting with friends about. And most of all you will have peace of mind to know that your children are not being left to their own free will and ‘best’ judgments.

Purchase the WebWatcher online at www.webwatchernow.com, and visit them on twitter and facebook to learn other strategies, myths, and truths of keeping your children safe!

*I received monetary compensation in exchange for this post. However, all of my opinions are 100% my own and are no way influenced by compensation received.


  1. Ok that's awesome..absolutely have to have it. Thanks SO much for sharing!

  2. That really is amazing. I see things like this and I'm SO thankful my kids are too little to get online and text and do all those scary things right now.

    It's reassuring to see GREAT stuff like this available to keep our little ones safe!

  3. This sounds like a good program. We need more programs like this!


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