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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free Similac Strong Mom’s Baby Journal for iPhone or iPod Touch

One of the greatest inventions for a sleepy set of parents to a newly born child is a tracking device that keeps track of baby’s feeding times, diaper changes and sleeping times.  Not even just for newborns, but knowing the cycles that your infants and early toddlers go through are very helpful!      
Similac has made an easy-to-use program for your iPhone or iPod Touch that can keep track of it all!  How long your baby naps; what side they nursed on – or if you’re bottle feeding, how many ounces they drank; the number of wets vs. stinky diapers; their growth charts and much more!  You can even use it on more than one child.similacbabyapp01Even though we’re in the fourth month of Ethan’s life, I was still feeling pretty out of the loop on when he was eating and sleeping, because I wasn’t writing it down.  With Andrew, I had a whiteboard next to the chair where I nursed him, where I wrote the time and then did the math at the next feeding to see how long it had been. It was quite the mind-bending task for a sleep-deprived mom.  Now I can feed Ethan anywhere I’d like, and just click the button to see how long it has been since his last feeding. Simlac SnapshotThis is one of the best tools for a busy family because it lets you quickly touch a button and record a start or stop time. And just after a few days, you’ll begin to see patterns!  As a Babywise mom, I love knowing what time I fed my child last – so when he wakes up, I just look at the program and it tells me if its time for him to eat again, or if he should be ready to eat. Also I can time out if it has been too long by looking to see how many hours and minutes he’s been asleep for.
My main source of feeding Ethan is by Nursing him; but every now and then (when he’ll take it… he’s recently been refusing) will feed him a bottle of formula.  This can also be tracked nicely in conjunction with other nursing feedings.
Simlac Breast FeedingSimlac Bottle Feeding
I love the diaper changing area.  Its nice to not have to describe what your baby’s poop looks like, color and consistency – With the app, you just select the color that looks closest, and slide the consistency bar up or down.  Your doctor will love this information too!Simlac Diaper ChangesAnother great thing about the app is that you can share your data through email with anyone, including your spouse, babysitter, or pediatrician! So if you want to share the information with them about what time they ate last or what time they were changed, how many stinky diapers they had, or even the last entire months entries – just pass it off to them through email.Simlac SummaryThe app is simple to use, and even easy to plug in any journal entries after they have happened in case if you fed your baby without your iPhone or iPod around you.
We started using this app a little more than a week ago, and we were able to see the patterns in his feeding schedule a little better.  Its really great to see the results of this!
I would highly recommend the Similac Baby Journal App for anyone with a new baby in the house, or even with an older baby that you would like to get a grip on their scheduling patterns and habits!
You can find the Similac Baby Journal App on iTunes for FREE.  Similac also has more information on their website about the app, including a nice video that shows more what the app can do for you!
*I was compensated by Collective Bias for this post. However, the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


  1. Gah! LOL. I am trying to be nice :) But I do agree with another great blogger, "how can a formula company, give tips to a breastfeeding mama???" don't understand, but you did write a very good post!!!

  2. Although Similac is a formula company, they fully emphasize the importance of breastfeeding compared to formula feeding in this App.

    When you open to tips section of the program and scroll down to bottle feedings this is the tip it gives:
    "The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding exlusively for the first six months. But for some moms, that's not possible.
    Whenever you decide it's time for formula, you can supplement without worrying. All baby formulas are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and are safe for your baby. Most doctors recommend that you begin by feeding a milk-based formula such as Similac Advance..." and it goes on.

    I think it is quite tasteful how they have said it, and they're not even pushing their own brand by saying that all formulas are safe. It'd be silly for them not to mention their own though.

    Their breastfeeding side of the app works very well and I'm sure they had a lot of input from nursing moms on what they wanted to know about :)

  3. Great Review! I love that they are doing this!

  4. i think this would have been a great app when i had little ones. i'd get so confused on when and how much i fed them especially in those first sleep deprived weeks.

  5. Great review and would be great for moms in the NICU too!


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