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Friday, February 11, 2011

Clinere Ear Cleaners Review

Clinere Ear Cleaners are an effective tool for ear cleaning, as well as ear-itch relief. 

Maybe its just me, but I rarely clean the wax from my ears – and even when I do, there’s not much there.  I’m talking like, maybe once in three months I stick a swab in my ear!  Is that weird?  My husband cleans his ears DAILY and still I’ll see as we’re driving down the road these HuGe chunks of wax sitting on his ears.  Its pretty gross. (Sorry Hon!)
Clinere Ear cleaners are made of a soft and flexible plastic.  They are bendable, and can maneuver around your ear to remove wax, stop itchy areas, or exfoliate around your ears.  There are two sides to the ear cleaner: One side is a scoop, that will gently remove areas of wax buildup (always being sure not to enter the ear canal!) and then there is the plastic version of the generic cotton swab style. 
 Clinere Ear CleanerWe had the opportunity to review the Clinere Ear Cleaners: but I knew it wouldn’t be me reviewing the product; it would be my husband.  So here’s what he had to say (In summarization).
He loves both sides, but when asked which side is his favorite, he said that he likes the scoop side best.  He likes that its soft and flexible enough that he’s not worried about hurting himself, and that he can actually see the little ball of wax come out.
But then he also loves the other side of the tool because he loves the massaging quality of it.  He figured out that if you run it under the hot water for a few seconds, it feels really great to just massage the ear and get all the extra skin and wax out of the outer parts of the ear at the same time.  (Keeping in mind that you want to be gentle, and follow the warnings on the box!)
My husband loves that this tool is plastic. (He is all about his plastic tipped toothpick as well, so this was right up his alley.) Why does he love the plastic version of an ear cleaner?? It’s because he can use it over and over again. He loves that he can rinse the tip off, and keep using it. 
Is he addicted? Yes. He uses these tips daily, and now feels like the other tips just aren’t getting everything.  I also have not noticed chunks of wax in his ears lately – so it must be doing the job effectively, where maybe the cotton tips were just moving the wax around?
So overall, he would absolutely recommend this product to any adult.  It is not for children.  We did catch Andrew grabbing one and imitating daddy by using it in his ear, but we quickly realized these need to go in the cupboard just like all other cotton swabs :)
Clinere Ear Cleaners are sold in packages of 10 for around $5-7 per package.  They are currently available at Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, H-E-B and Shopko stores! They can also be purchased on amazon.com!

*I was provided product for reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% mine and my husbands.

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