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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday turned wordly.

It's been a rough week so far for me.  Andrew started the sickness chain, which I decided I'd stay as far away from as possible, because I didn't want Ethan getting sick either - so Daddy caught what Andrew had... Its some sort of flu though, with all the fun stuff attached. We're still working on the aftermath.
So my Sunday "off" was really quite boring because we couldn't go anywhere and I didn't want to leave two sick puking boys home to fend for themselves, so I made chicken noodle soup and spent some time on the computer :Þ
This is the yummiest, but easiest chicken noodle soup ever :)  I took a whole chicken (~4lbs?) covered it in water, peeled whole carrots, and washed celery. stick it all in the pot along with about 15 or so chicken bullion cubes and boil for a good 3 hours or so, until the chicken falls off the bone. Cook Noodles; separate all things, de-bone and shred the chicken, cut veggies and serve :)
I like to store the noodles separate from the rest of the soup so they don't get soggy.

In other roughness, its been tough nursing these last few days - I'm really almost ready to give up. I'm sore and Raw. Ethan latches and then yanks off continuously and he's frustrated and I get frustrated -not to mention he's been biting too - and by the end of the night i'm so sore I just give him a bottle with formula which he is gladly accepting. I think one more day like this and i'm done. I hate to say I'm giving in - but Seriously. its weighing hard on my patience and it HURTS. :(

Just a picture to end off on a higher note :)  I caught Andrew trying to feed his truck some water :) So cute!



  1. Ok, I actually flinched when I read about your breastfeeding quandry. He's only a couple months old? Have you considered calling your pediatrician or talking to a lactaid nurse at the hospital? This is the first year I've been cooking chicken noodle (sometimes potato) soup. So cute your son is giving his truck water. =)


  2. I'm sorry to hear about the sickies going around. We've had that here as well. That chicken noodle soup sounds really good and I'm not a fan of chicken noodle soup lol. Also how cute is your son feeding his thirsty truck <3

  3. It sounds yummy! I'm so sorry everyone has been sick! Isabella started throwing up last night..I hope it ends with her!

  4. I nursed both of my kiddo's until age 2. I understand. I had to stop nursing because they never would have self weaned.

    Much of the time they bite when they are teething. Try giving your baby Motrin. Giving Ethan something to chew on before he latches. If he bites, remove him. He'll learn that he shouldn't bite.

    If you choose to give up, don't feel guilty about it. Just be glad you nursed the time that you did.


  5. That sounds tasty!

  6. Aww, the truck needed a drink, Mom. So sorry you had a rough week!

  7. The soup sounds great. Sorry you are having a rough week. Breastfeeding is tough. Do what works for you and baby!

  8. Aww, I hope you all are feeling better soon! Chicken Noodle SOup always helps though!

  9. omg too cute him trying to give the truck some water.

  10. The chicken soup looks yummy and I think the photo of your little one is adorable!

  11. I hope everyone is doing better now - the soup looks yummy!

  12. sorry about the sickees, sure is going around this year! DH & I even been fighting it & we have no littles to pass it back & forth! Your soup looks yummy & should help heal everyone. I agree to not beat yourself up about nursing. If you are not comfy it could effect your milk anyway... as long as he is accepting a bottle you have the hardest part of switching beat. You tired, and that is what counts! hugs~ Faythe
    http://grammymousetails.blogspot.com/2011/01/dreaming-in-green-and-gold.html w/linky

  13. Sorry to hear things have been rough! I like your recipe, though. Do you think you maybe have oversupply if your baby keeps popping off like that? I like kellymom for helpful info: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html It gives some ideas for other positions that might go better. But I'd talk with a lactation consultant, too, if you can. Good luck! I have super sore nipples right now, too (pregnant), and it stinks.


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