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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Totally Talented Tuesday - Ferris Wheel

 We went to the Mall of America Sunday night for free rides! they were going to practice emergency drills with bomb squad and local police and so invited anyone out for two hours of free rides plus if you stayed through the evening of drills, you were able to get a free wristband for future use. Joe was not feeling well and it would have been way too late for Andrew anyway, so we went just for the two hours of free rides for Andrew.
I did end up being able to get on the rides myself as well, because we brought the baby bjorn and I could carry Ethan on the rides with me :) He slept through the whole thing :)
So it was both of our boys' first rides ever - The ferris wheel (or "Dora's el circulo del cielo"). I still have a hard time remembering to call the ride park 'nickelodeon universe' vs. 'camp snoopy' which it used to be!


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