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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nursing Products Review; Bravado Nursing Bra Tank

I was seeing all the reviews on other mom blogs' websites about how great this bravado tank top was, so I had to get one for myself to try.  I remembered how many hot flashes I had while nursing my first son -and how I pretty much preferred to walk around the house topless vs wearing anything due to the heat and soreness factor and thought that this might help the situation! So I went and tried on some sizes at Hot Mama, and found that this size fit me best.  It was even a little roomy in the top which I thought was going to be a great thing!
I wore this tank top in the hospital as soon as I got my IV out because I was so tired of the ugly pink smock they give you with holes randomly placed for nursing... It was awesome :)  I liked it right away! The top is super soft, cozy, and easily unsnaps at the top for ease of nursing. It has enough support to be used as a bra even :) I like how when you fold the top layer down, there is one strand of fabric that is left vs. other tanks where there is essentially a hole in the middle for an opening (which frequently gets bent, crimped, and creates bunching where there should be smoothness).
The big bummer to me is that day one of being home, my son leaked out the side of his diaper and my precious only nursing top had to be washed! I left the wash up to my husband, and didn't even think twice about asking him not to stick it into the dryer (I blame the percocet!) and it shrunk! not tremendously, but enough to notice the difference. The shrinkage plus my engorgement made it literally painful to wear this top. So I was really sad; but went to a maternity store and got a few other (much cheaper) tank tops that were doing the job until my chest size decreased a little more. My best suggestion is to get a size bigger than you'll need if you will be using this through the engorgement phase.
The good news is, is after my engorgement phase was over with, this tank top fit perfectly! Now when I wash this, I do not dry it - and it has a great fit still :)

Pro's: Quality! Soft fabric and Comfortable for those sensitive areas; folds down with one area of fabric to the side vs. a hole in the middle; long enough to fit with pregnancy and nursing; easy clasp to fold down. Best bra support I can find in a nursing tank top! Also I love that this tank top does not ride up like other (cheaper) tanks!

Con's: shrinks in dryer (although it says not to put it in the dryer on the tag!); more expensive (retail ~$50-55) Although, very decent price considering the support it offers as a bra! (the other cheap tank tops do not have the support one needs while nursing)

Suggestions for improvement: I'd like to own this exact tank top with a straight neckline vs a v-neck so I can use it for layering purposes as well.

You can find this tank top online here at www.bravadodesigns.com

EDITED TO ADD:  This is my absolute favorite tank top ever! I need to invest in some more. I wear this tank top every day, and only grab for the other cheap ones when doing laundry.  The quality of this tank top beats any other nursing tank that I've tried!

*I purchased this product on my own for review and entertainment purposes and was not compensated for this review. My opinions are my own and reflect my experience with the product. Others may have a different experience with the product.


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