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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fisher Price GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway

 Andrew was born in December - Therefore last year for his 1st Birthday and then Christmas just a few weeks later we were overwhelmed with toys. However, most of the toys we received were appropriate for a one year old, and not as much for a growing toddler.  Needless to say, We are getting extremely bored with our toy selection.  
A catalog from Toys-R-Us came in our mail that had only Fisher Price toys in it. This catalog was Andrews Favorite book for several weeks. He carried this 10or so page book around with him, and spent many minutes looking at each page. He would turn the page and say 'WOW!!!' as he pointed to the next item.  His favorite seemed to be the GeoTrax train items. He continuously would point at them and go 'hooo hoooo' like a train and point out all the pieces to us.
Armed with a $10 off any fisher price toy and a 20% off coupon for toys-r-us, we decided that Andrew needed at least one fun new toy to get us through to his 2nd birthday, and this toy would last us quite some time. So we chose the GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway.
Not only has this been the best toy for Andrew - He runs around saying 'Wow!' and 'HoooHooo' and pushes the train along- but this has been a great toy for Daddy too!  
Dad just LOVES setting up this train set and then taking it apart only to set it up another way. He has tried just about every possible scenario of setting this up, and has his heart set on many of the expansion kits to make even bigger and cooler scenes.

This set is SO durable. Andrew uses most of his body weight when he is pushing a train around it, and even while its elevated, it rarely comes apart. He has stepped on, sat on, and ran over with his tricycle this set many times (being that it is on our living room floor), and it holds up perfectly. When we do have any pieces come apart, he cannot snap the pieces back together himself because of the strength of the 'click' system. I like this as he is not tempted to be constantly taking apart the tracks and having someone else come 'rescue' him. The train practically aligns itself when it is placed onto the tracks. There have been a few times where he is unable to get it aligned and gets frustrated with it, but he usually figures it out or we help him. The remote control is so easy to operate, Andrew figured out forward from backwards within minutes and learned that it can lock into the forward position so he can run and chase the train around the tracks as it goes.
This does require six AAA batteries: Three in the remote, and three in the train. Our remote has held up just fine, but due to what i'm sure is over-use (he plays with this toy non-stop most of the day) we have already put in the second set of batteries in the train after about a month of play.

Pros: Hours of Entertainment, Durable, Easy to Operate, Great for Toddlers and Big kids alike!

Cons: Battery Life, Expensive (when you're looking at multiple expansion sets) But the Pro's Definitely outweigh the Cons for us!

Buy It! You can purchase this train set as well as many other sets at Toy's-R-Us for around $60.00, or at walmart for $50. Using both coupons at Toys-R-Us, I got the set for $40.00. (watch out! They have the non-remote controlled Timbertown railway, which we originally purchased, then realized there was no remote control, and brought it back for exchange.)

*I purchased this product on my own for review and entertainment purposes and was not compensated for this review. My opinions are my own and reflect my experience with the product. Others may have a different experience with the product.


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